USI Door Bell

USI door chime kit products are typically used to alert occupants of the presence of a visitor. The pushbutton activates the chime which then sounds. Find a number of USI Electric door chime kits containing either one pushbutton or two at HomElectrical for a competitive price.

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What is a door chime?

A door chime, also known as a doorbell, is used as a signaling device that is typically placed near an entry door. It is used to let occupants know that there is a visitor or to request entry into a building.

What does the USI door chime kit include?

These devices are composed of several parts: a chime, a pushbutton, and a transformer. Here at HomElectrical we carry USI Electric door chime kit products for all your signaling applications. These kits include everything you need to set up your doorbell. Two pushbuttons allow for two signaling locations, so having two pushbuttons is useful for larger structures with multiple entry points.
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