Tempil is the leading brand of premium quality temperature indication supplies and marking tools. They specialize in professional quality temperature measuring tools that are ideal for the manufacturing and healthcare industries. Browse through their selection of Tempilstik and Tempilaq temperature indicators today!

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How long does it take for the Tempilstick to read a temperature?

Within seconds. Once the Tempilstick reaches the rated temperature, it will immediately change. The stick will begin to smear and melt into a pool of liquid.

What happens to the temperature rating once the Tempilstick has cooled?

Tempilstick will quickly indicative when it has reached the desired temperature by melting from a dry, solid mark to a liquid. If the temperature cools below that point, the mark will solidify and slightly change the marking to one of the following:

  • change color
  • become glossy
  • change shape

How do I read the Tempilaq temperature indication liquid?

The mark will liquefy and turn glossy. Once the temperature cools down, the mark will be become deformed.
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