American Lighting

American Lighting creates energy efficient lighting solutions for all sorts of lighting needs. They're constantly innovating with LED technology in order to bring their customers the latest lighting solutions.
American Lighting

American Lighting LED Linear Lighting

American Lighting LED Linear Light Accessories add functionality to linear light fixtures with additional mounting options cable attachments.

American Lighting LED Downlighting

American Lighting LED Downlighting offers low profile, energy efficient downlight fixtures for an elegant lighting design.

American Lighting LED Power Source

To properly install certain American Lighting LED lights, use the necessary American Lighting LED Power Source such as an LED driver, voltage supplier, lighting repeater, or extension cord.

American Lighting LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Use an American Lighting LED Linear Under Cabinet Light for task lighting in the kitchen or workshop.

American Lighting Smart Light

American Lighting Smart Lights offer customizable LED lighting capable of wireless control through remote control or mobile apps.

American Lighting LED Bulb

American Lighting offers many different types of energy efficient LED bulbs like the A15 bulb and decorative bulbs such candelabra, globe, and S14 LED bulbs.

American Lighting LED Area & Security Lighting

Save energy and provide security with American Lighting LED Area & Security Lighting which illuminates areas to deter intruders.

What is the Truxlux Lighting System?

The Trulux lighting system from American Lighting is a lighting system that features led light strips. It is designed for out-of-sight lighting in long straight lines. There are many different types of light strips, controls, and color temperatures to choose from. If you're looking for a clean and energy efficient lighting system, then look no further than American Lighting's Trulux system.

What can I use American Lighting's downlights for?

American lighting downlights are perfect for targeted lighting and lighting design. The lights can be used in living rooms, over kitchen areas, creating displays in stores, and other decorating needs.
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