American Lighting LED Linear Lighting

LED linear lighting from American Lighting features rope light and string light. These are generally used for decorative applications for a wide variety of locations counting: hotels, hospitals, schools, and more. Discover our selection of American Lighting LED linear lighting for your applications at HomElectrical today!
American Lighting LED Linear Lighting

American Lighting LED Tape Light

American Lighting LED Tape Lights, like the Hybrid 2 Series or Trulux Series, provide a variety of customizable lighting options for decoration with easy installation.

American Lighting LED Rope Light

American Lighting LED Rope Lights feature flexible rope lights in multiple colors for decorative purposes in residential or commercial applications.

American Lighting LED Linear Light Accessories

American Lighting LED Linear Light Accessories add functionality to linear light fixtures with additional mounting options cable attachments.

American Lighting LED Strip Light

Decorate with Linear LED lights using American Lighting LED Strip Lights, such as the Polar 2 Neon series which reproduces the bright glow of neon lights.

American Lighting LED String Light

Decorate indoors or outdoors with American Lighting LED String Lights with select models capable of holding up to 50 different bulbs.

What are LED Linear Lights?

American Lighting LED linear lights can come in the shape of a rope or string. The LED lights can be inside, the rope or string, or they can be hanging off the string like Christmas lights.

What are LED Linear Lights used for?

LED linear lights from American Lighting are generally used for decorative applications. They can be applied to a variety of locations including:
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Warehouses
  • Garages and more
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