American Lighting LED String Light

American Lighting LED string lights are generally used for decorations for both outdoor and indoor applications. They are able to hold up to 50 bulbs on their strings and can be used for hospitals, hotels, electrical, and more. These lights are also cuttable so that you can have the right length of string lights that you need for your project. Discover our selection of American Lighting LED string lights for your applications at HomElectrical.

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What are American Lighting LED String Lights made of?

LED string lights from American Lighting are made from plastic. They are able to hold up to 50 different bulbs on their string with 25 watts being the maximum for each bulb. These string lights also contain PVC sockets so that they can prevent moisture from entering through the seal.

What to apply LED String Lights to?

American Lighting LED string lights can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications throughout the year and they are generally used for decorative purposes. They can be applied to hotels, hospitals, garages, warehouses, electrical, construction, and a variety of other applications and locations.
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