American Lighting LED Rope Light

LED rope lights are in the shape of rope that contains light emitting diodes inside of them so that they are able to light up. This type of LED light is generally used for decorative purposes counting: schools, warehouses, hotels, and more. Explore our selection of American Lighting LED rope lights for your application at HomElectrical.
American Lighting LED Rope Light

American Lighting FlexBrite Series

The American Lighting FlexBrite Series offers rope light bulk reels and rope light kits in a variety of colors and lengths to bend and mold into the desired space.

What is LED Rope Light?

LED rope light from American Lighting is designed for decorative purposes. They can be used for a variety of applications and locations including: schools, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, garages, and more.

What is CRI?

CRI stands for color rendering index. It measures how well an artificial light can reveal an objects color when compared to a natural light source.

What does Color Temperature mean?

Color temperature is measured by using Kelvins and describes the appearance of an artificial light source.
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