American Lighting LED Area & Security Lighting

American Lighting is a manufacturer of lighting solutions that are used in commercial and residential applications. Their LED security and area lighting are designed to properly illuminate a space to deter robbers and vandals. It is also used so that incoming and outgoing guests or employees can still see as they leave and enter your site. These can be applied for construction, hospitals, hotels, and more. Venture through our selection of American Lighting products for your applications at HomElectrical.
American Lighting LED Area & Security Lighting

LED Flood Light

Use an energy efficient American Lighting LED Flood Light to confidently illuminate outdoor spaces, with select models including a motion sensor.

LED Path Light

With elegant designs in different trims and styles, American Lighting LED Path Lights provide safe illumination for steps, walkways, and entryways.

FrameWRX Series

The American Lighting FrameWRX Series features contemporary indoor and outdoor light fixtures for residential and commercial applications.

LED Wall Washer

Light and decorate with the high impact lighting of an American Lighting LED Wall Washer featuring bright luminescent LEDs with a high color rendering index.

LED Brick Light

Install an American Lighting LED Brick Light during new construction so the recessed fixture provides lighting from a low profile.

What is American Lighting LED area and security lighting?

American Lighting offers an array of lighting solutions to better protect your farm, home, construction site, and more from possible intruders. Just by having the lights on around the area that you want to protect will reduce the likely hood of a robbery or vandalism. These lights can be hung above or recessed inside brick even to make them go unnoticed and more efficient at protecting your property.

What can American Lighting LED area and security lighting be used for?

Regardless of whether you are looking for an area light or security light American Lighting will have what you need and stay energy efficient at the same time. These lighting solutions can be used for an array of applications and locations including:
  • Construction
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Engineering
  • Demolition
  • Garages
  • Hospitals and more
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