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Koehler Bright Star is a dedicated manufacturer of weather resistant LED flashlights, lanterns, and flashlight wands. These products can be used for a wide assortment of applications including: construction, engineering, welding, traffic control, and more. If you were hoping to purchase LED high bays, shoebox lights, LED bulbs, T8/T12 tubes, or high mast stadium lights, please see our new brand, Novalux.

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What is the difference between Bright Star lanterns and flashlights?

The biggest difference between a Bright Star lantern and flashlight is that a lantern is going to be bigger and have a handle on top of it. Another feature that a lantern has is a rechargeable battery so the user won't have to keep spending money on batteries.

What is the benefit of Bright Star LED flashlights?

Bright Star's flashlights and lanterns are both made with LED bulbs. These are great for two reasons.
  • The first is that an LED bulb doesn't use as much energy as a standard bulb and will last longer.
  • The second reason is that LEDs are also brighter than other bulbs giving you greater clarity in especially dark areas.
This will provide the users greater confidence on what they are working on and create a safer environment for them.
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