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Crown Mats & Matting is one of the leading manufacturers of floor mats for commercial and industrial settings. Mats are an important part of building safety and maintenance and Crown Mats & Matting is dedicated to making the best mats in the industry that are built to last, including anti-fatigue mats, entry mats, safety mats, and logo mats.

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When should I use a anti-fatigue mat?

Anti-fatigue mats should be used in areas where people are standing for longer periods of time. Anti-fatigue mats provide balance and cushioning for stress relief on knees, feet, and ankles. They are perfect for employee work stations in warehouses, retail, kitchens, hotels, and pharmacies.

Where should a scraper mat used at?

Scraper mats are perfect for use outside of a building for scraping shoes and boots. The ridges on the mat pick up and pull of dirt and debris, keeping it from tracking inside. They are easily cleanable with a spray hose.
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