Campbell is one of the largest manufacturers of professional hand tools and power tools for the building industry. Campbell offers a variety of chain and fittings that make working with heavy wire loads much quicker and easier. Browse through their selection of binders, chains, fastening tools, anchor hooks, shackles, pliers, tool sets, and much more.

Campbell Wrenches

Purchase Campbell Wrenches, featuring adjustable wrenches, to fit a variety of fasteners with a solid grip suitable with any task.

Campbell Cutting & Fastening Tools

Use Campbell Cutting and Fastening Tools to better suit chains to your needs.

Campbell Shackles

Use Campbell Shackles for a sturdy load-bearing device made from forged steel.

Campbell Ropes & Straps

Safely hang light fixtures, outdoor decorations, or barrier guards with durable Campbell Ropes and Straps built tough for your needs.

Campbell Pliers

Featuring non-slip cushion grips, Campbell Pliers offer pliers in different varieties to securely grasp parts necessary for any project.

Campbell Hooks

Rust and corrosion resistant, Campbell Hooks prove strong and durable, suitable for rigorous use with chains.

Campbell Chains

Built tough, Campbell Chains safely secure heavy loads with features like clevis grab hooks on each end for easy attachment.

Campbell Binders

Secure cargo and materials with Campbell Binders to ensure safe travel with heavy loads.

What is a binder?

Campbell binders use a lever to tie down and secure heavy loads of cargo. Binders are made of a tough and durable steel material that gives them maximum leverage.

What are Campbell chains used for?

These heavy duty chains are used to secure large loads. Campbell has a variety of chains that are commonly used to secure heavy equipment, tractors, and other heavy industrial loads.

What are hooks and shackles used for?

Campbell has a selection of a anchors and shackles, commonly used to in chain systems to secure heavy loads. They come in a variety of sizes and maximum capacities.
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