Campbell Binders

Make sure that you are not leaving a trail of bread crumbs or rocks on the freeway. Campbell's load binders will help secure whatever you are carrying so that none of your materials try to jump ship. Keep your cargo safe during your travels with a load binder from HomElectrical.

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What are Campbell Load Binders used for?

Campbell load binders are generally used for securing cargo by tightening chains. There are two types of binders to choose from a ratchet and lever type.

  • Ratchet Type - easier adjustment of the tension and it has a greater range of take-up.
  • Lever Type - faster application of load

How much weight can Campbell Load Binders hold?

Campbell load binders can hold up to 9,200 pounds on any cargo shipment. If you do have over the said weight limit than you should have an additional binder to make sure that you don't lose any cargo.

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