Campbell Cutting & Fastening Tools

If you need to cut that blue wire or keep an important package from falling out of the trunk check out this collection. Campbell's cutting and fastening tools can help you with your applications. The tools are made from forged steel to give them great durability and so that whatever task you decide to give them they can support you. Explore a wide variety of cutting and fastening tools for your next task at HomElectrical.

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What are Clamps used for?

Campbell's GX style clamps come fitted with a chain connector where the clamp shackle would be. It is made from drop forged and heat treated steel. This clamp is able to increase the flexibility of multiple leg chains, as well.

What is a Swaging Tool used for?

This tool allows you to secure ferrules and stops onto wire rope or cable.

What is a Hitch Pin?

A hitch pin secures a hitch to a trailer receiver.

  • Made from forged steel
  • Zinc plate finish with yellow chromates
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