Campbell Wrenches

It's not always enough having the right tool that fits a desired fastener. You should also have a tool that you can use without straining your hand. Campbell's wrenches have grips that not only focus on making you more comfortable but also about giving you a stronger grip. All of these wrenches are adjustable making them more versatile and durable thanks to their chrome plating. Discover a collection of wrenches that are sure to meet your application at HomElectrical.

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What is a Wrench used for?

  • Made for professional, industrial, or home use
  • Jaws are adjustable
  • Wider handles give more comfort and grip
  • Made from alloy steel and heat treated
  • Chrome plated to resist corrosion and rust
  • Tapered handle for better two hand grip and less weight
  • Can have non-slip cushion grip

What are Auto Wrenches made of?

  • Adjustable automotive wrench
  • Sliding jaw
  • Designed from special analysis steel
  • Chrome plated

What are Chain Wrenches used for?

  • Double action for use in either direction
  • Designed for confined areas
  • Used in pipe fittings
  • Concave teeth for better grip
  • Easy to re-sharpen
  • Chrome plated to resist rust
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