Campbell Ropes & Straps

Gain rope, cable, and accessories that will keep any project strongly hung. Campbell's ropes and straps are designed for helping you with anything from a swing set to a lighting fixture. It doesn't matter if you need braided or link chained cables for your project. They are also made from durable materials so that they can defend against any corrosive substance. Explore a variety of ropes and clamps for your application at HomElectrical today!

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What is a Wire Rope Clamp used for?

These clamps are generally used to loop back a loose end to the wire rope.
  • Also known as a clamp, cable clamp, wire rope clip, U-clip, or U-clamp
  • Made from carbon steel
  • Uses heavy duty hex nuts
  • These can be colored for identification

What is a Steel Coated Cable used for?

  • Clear vinyl coated
  • Abrasion and weathering resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • High strength cable with a galvanized finish

What is a Rope Thimble?

A rope thimble is used to protect the rope from any cuts, kinking, and abrasions.
  • Made from hot rolled, mild steel
  • Not designed for load carrying

What is a Coil Chain used for?

Coil chains are generally used in barrier guards, hanging light fixtures, and more.
  • Made from low carbon steel
  • Zinc plated and yellow polycoated finish
  • Proof tested
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