Campbell Chains

Don't be the guy whose two by four is lying somewhere on the side of the highway. Campbell's chains are made from carbon steel to ensure that they can be relied upon to keep your equipment safe. These chains can also have hooks on both sides of it so all you have to do is connect the hooks. It won't matter whether you are transporting two by fours or huge logs, these chains will make sure that they get to where they are going. Explore our collection of chains to keep your equipment safe at HomElectrical.

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What is a Campbell Proof Coil Chain made of?

  • Made from low carbon steel
  • Zinc plated or galvanized
  • Proof tested

What is a Campbell Binder Chain used for?

This type of chain is commonly used for tying or binding down loads that are about to be transported.

  • Has heat treated clevis grab hooks
  • Yellow chromate zinc electroplate finish

What are Campbell Connecting Links made of?

  • Made from heat treated carbon or alloy steel
  • Connects two chains to an end component
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