Campbell Pliers

Have you ever had something slip out of your hands as it was almost retrieved? Don't worry we've all been there at one point or another. To make sure that this never happens again Campell's pliers have installed non-slip grips. So the next time a screw gets stuck in a hard to reach spot, you need to build a fence, or even just cut wire get some of these pliers. Their variety of sizes make the applications that they are suited for almost endless. Explore HomElectrical's wide collection of pliers and other tools today!

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What are Pliers used for?

Campbell has a wide selection of pliers to choose from needle nose pliers, combination pliers, fence tool pliers, and more. Each of their pliers is either going to made from forged alloy tool steel or carbon steel. They will also have non-slip cushion grips so that you can keep a firm grasp on them.
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