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Have you ever had something slip out of your hands as it was almost retrieved? Don't worry we've all been there at one point or another. To make sure that this never happens again Campell's pliers have installed non-slip grips. So the next time a screw gets stuck in a hard to reach spot, you need to build a fence, or even just cut wire get some of these pliers. Their variety of sizes make the applications that they are suited for almost endless. Explore HomElectrical's wide collection of pliers and other tools today!

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6 1/2'' Combination Pliers
These combination pliers feature curved jaws with machined gripping teeth and wire cutters. They are forged from carbon steel and...
6 1/2'' Combination Pliers
This powerful set of pliers features a curved jaw with combination machined gripping teeth and a wire cutter. This tool...
8'' Combination Pliers
This set of combination pliers feature curved jaws with machined gripping teeth and wire cutters. This tool is extremeley resilient...
10'' A-N Connector Pliers
This A-N Connector Plier fits A-N electrical connector sizes for 0.75'' to 2.5''. This tool features three adjustment positions and...
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8'' Combination Pliers, Carded
This combination pliers set features curved jaws that with machined gripping teeth and wire cutter. This set of pliers are...
6'' Curved Needle Nose Pliers
These curved Needle Nose Pliers are designed for work in tight, narrow areas, these long needle nose are excellent for...
Heavy Duty Fence Tool Pliers
This heavy duty fence tool pliers feature a 2 staple grips in the nose. This tool also features a corrugated...
Heavy Duty Fence Tool Pliers, Carded
These heavy duty fence tool pliers feature a 2 staple grip in noseand corrugated hammer head with a heavy prong...
8'' Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers
These heavy duty diagonal cutting pliers have been electronically induciton hardened and feature a durable and keen, hihg leverage side...
10'' Tongue and Groove Pliers with Cushion Grip
These pliers with precision milled ribs assure a smooth positive interlock between two halves with no chance of seperation. This...
12'' Tongue and Groove Pliers Cushion Grip
This pear head ratchet is an excellent tool for your fasteners it allows for use and is made of a...
6'' Round Joint Diagonal Cutting Pliers
This round joint diagonal cutting plier features a standard jaw and round joint design. This tool also has a polished...
6 1/2'' Long Needle Nose Pliers
These long needle nose pliers are designed for work in tight narrow areas. This tool features a long needle nose...
7'' Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers
This heavy duty diagonal cutting pliers are electronically induction hardend and durable as well as keen. These pliers have a...
Long Chain Nose Side Cutting Pliers
This long chain nose side cutting pliers are designed for reachign confined areas. This long chain nose with fine serrated...
Bytton Pliers Fence Tool
These button pliers are designed for construction and maintenance of wire fencing. They feature a flat nose style with 3...
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