Campbell Hooks

For hanging light fixtures or party decorations make sure that you have the right hooks and I'm not talking any Captain Hooks. Campbell's hooks are made from resistant materials so that they can defend against rust and corrosion. It is always preferable to get materials that you know are going to last a while and that you can depend on. Find all of durable materials you will ever need here, at HomElectrical.

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What is a Hook used for?

Campbell hooks are made from forged carbon steel or heat treated alloy steel. Some of these hooks are going to have latches as a way to give you more security so that whatever is attached to the hook won't fall out. But there are three types of hooks:
  • Grab Hook - made to grab a chain link and hold it in place
  • Slip Hook - lets the chain slip through the hook
  • 'S' Hook - used to attach accessories to a chain
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