Moldex has a large amount of products dedicated to personal protective equipment to make sure you are staying safe. With the multitudes of innovate designs and high functionality, Moldex tries to customize their products for the customers comfort and safety. These products last in every day daily wear with new designs in safety equipment including hearing protection and respiratory masks.

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Do Moldex Particulate Respirators contain latex?

Parts of the respirators contain latex including the cloth and adjustable straps. Most models contain latex in other places so if you are allergic or highly sensitive, you may have an allergic reaction. There are few series that have no latex.

Can I customize and change the respirator for a more comfortable fit?

You should NOT modify or customize a respirator for your comfort under any circumstances. This could cause more problems for you in the long run. Try asking a supervisor if there is a different mask you should use; don't jeopardize your safety.
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