Eurofase Lighting

Add illumination and modern style to indoor and outdoor spaces with Eurofase Lighting! Eurofase makes a variety of quality products to brighten your home, including their stylish and decorative LED mirrors, chandeliers, pendant lights, and more. Shop HomElectrical for stylish Eurofase products to light up your space and improve energy efficiency!

Eurofase Lighting

Eurofase LED Downlights

Browse a wide selection of LED downlights, including round fixtures, trimless gimbal, new construction options, and more.

Eurofase LED Mirrors

Provide the right amount of light to assist in tasks such as shaving or applying makeup with this stylish selection of LED mirrors!

Eurofase Bollard & Post Lights

Browse a selection of bollard and post lights to illuminate your outdoor spaces such as parking lots and pathways.

Eurofase Step Lights

Brighten your steps with ease when you shop this collection of LED step lights!

Eurofase Outdoor Lanterns

Illuminate your outdoor spaces like gardens and yards with this quality selection of outdoor lanterns.

Eurofase Vanity Lights

Shop a wide variety of stylish vanity lights to add task lighting and décor to your vanity spaces!

Eurofase Wall Mounts

Shop a selection of indoor and outdoor wall mount lights in a variety of sizes and styles!

Eurofase Chandelier

Shop a selection of unique and artistic chandelier designs including candle, linear, abstract, and circular chandeliers.

Eurofase Track & Spotlights

Browse a selection of sleek and stylish track light and spot light fixtures!

Eurofase LED Pendant Lights

This collection of pendant lights features a highly unique way to decorate your space.

Eurofase LED Floodlight

Illuminate your spaces with ease when you shop this selection of LED flood lights.

Eurofase Wire Connectors

Supply power to and connect track light systems with this collection of power connectors and other track light accessories!

Eurofase Wall Sconce

Add style to your space with indoor or outdoor LED wall sconces in decorative and unique styles!

Eurofase Track Light Accessories

Shop a collection of track light accessories including single circuit tracks, flexible connectors, and live end conduit-feeds.

Why choose Eurofase?

Founded over 30 years ago, Eurofase supplies showrooms, designers, and architects with a diverse selection of high-quality products for residential and commercial applications. They pride themselves on aesthetic appeal, stellar performance, and long-lasting tested quality. Many of their series offer different types of fixtures, such as path lights, bollards, surface mounted lights, and in-ground fixtures. Choose Eurofase for modern forms with designs that beautifully blend together fashion and function!

What is the difference between a pendant light and a chandelier?

While chandeliers consist of a number of lights, pendant lights consist of a single fixture that hangs from the ceiling. They may hang from a cord, rod, or chain and can function as a standalone fixture or work in multiples to provide uniform task lighting.

Chandeliers offer a grander, more decorative appearance than pendant lights. They feature a central body with multiple branches of light. Chandeliers can serve more as a focal point and provide ambient lighting.

Chandeliers feature a larger design than pendant lights and provide a different type of lighting. While chandeliers can serve as ambient lighting in entryways, dining rooms, and living rooms, pendant lights work well as task lighting above kitchen islands, dining room tables, and entryways.

With their unique designs, Eurofase Lighting pendant and chandelier options allow you to reflect your personality through lighting. Eurofase lighting pendant lights include round pendants, cage pendants, ring pendants, linear pendants, abstract pendants, and mini pendant lights. Their chandeliers include candle chandeliers, linear chandeliers, circular chandeliers, raindrop chandeliers, and abstract chandeliers. They can provide uplight, downlight, or ambient light.

What is an LED mirror?

LED mirrors use LED lighting around the perimeter of the mirror. Regular light fixtures can cast shadows on your face, making it difficult to see clearly or accurately. Because they direct light right in front of you, they eliminate shadows, making it easy to perform tasks such as shaving or applying makeup.

They often feature a backlit or edge-lit design. Backlit mirrors emit light from behind them, meaning they typically need to hang on a wall. Additionally, they may include a strip of reflective coating to define the edge of the mirror as well as provide a front-lit appearance when light comes through it. Edge-lit or lighted mirrors illuminate from the front. While some options can mount, others offer a more portable alternative to backlit options with more compact or standalone designs.

The mirrors differ from vanity lights. Vanity lights mount above the bathroom mirror to provide task lighting while an LED mirror comes with the lighting attached.

Eurofase offers many lengths, colors, and styles of vanity light to fit any bathroom mirror. Some of their vanity lights pair with dimmers, allowing you to customize the brightness. Additionally, Eurofase mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match your space! You can find round, square, freestanding, and more.

What is the difference between a can light and a recessed light?

Can lights function as a type of recessed light. Also known as downlights, these fixtures work by installing into the ceiling and directing light downward. Some fixtures direct light straight down, while others rotate to provide an angled beam. They can work in residential settings such as a living room or commercial settings such as a restaurant. Eurofase makes downlight fixtures that range from single-light to four-light and come in many color options.

What other indoor lighting products does Eurofase sell?

Eurofase offers wall mounts, track & spotlights, floodlights, wire connectors, wall sconces, and track light accessories.

Wall mounts install on indoor and outdoor walls to provide lighting and save space. Eurofase makes wall mount lights that range from simple to ornate designs. With different size and style options, Eurofase offers something for any space.

Track & spotlights install on the ceiling and can provide task lighting or ambient lighting. Track lights install on a linear track while spotlights recess into the ceiling. Track light accessories include single circuit tracks, flexible connectors, and live-end conduit feeds, which allow you to arrange your track lights in any configuration. Wire connectors connect track sections and provide power to track systems. Eurofase offers power connectors in many shapes including X connectors, T connectors, L connectors, mini connectors, and live-end connectors.

Wall sconces insert into a junction box on the wall. They have many uses both indoors and outdoors, such as brightening staircases and back decks. Eurofase sells many different styles of wall scones. Some provide uplight, some provide downlight, and some provide both.

What outdoor lighting products does Eurofase sell?

Eurofase offers a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures that can help you improve safety and visibility in your outdoor areas. They offer post & bollard lights, step lights, outdoor lanterns, and floodlights.

Post & bollard lights install outdoors to light up walkways or parking areas. Bollard lights install in the ground and usually stand between 2-4 feet tall. Post lights go on top of a lamp post and stand around 6 feet. Eurofase offers many different series with unique patterns and styles.

Step lights install on staircases to improve safety in the dark. They can work in outdoor locations like decks or indoor locations like theaters. Eurofase offers louvered and smooth faceplate options with a variety of finishes.

Outdoor lanterns work in a variety of outdoor locations and many use batteries so that they can shine anywhere even without power. Eurofase sells outdoor lanterns as well as a wall mount backplate to mount your lantern.

A floodlight illuminates large areas using a wide beam and high brightness. They may see use in outdoor or indoor spaces. Eurofase floodlights feature high corrosion resistance and a wet location rating.

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