Eurofase Step Lights

Stay safe in the dark with Eurofase step lights! Eurofase makes a variety of step light fixtures to stylishly light up your staircases. Shop HomElectrical to find energy efficient step lights from Eurofase today!

What is a step light?

A step light, also called a stair light or a deck light, lights up staircases to make them easy to navigate even in the dark. They typically install as recessed lighting on the riser of the stairs, but they can also install on the tread or even on the wall. They can work as both indoor and outdoor lighting. Common applications for these lights include theaters or deck lighting, and anywhere else people often navigate staircases in the dark.

Step lights may feature smooth or louvered faceplates. A louvered faceplate features angled horizontal slats, resembling window blinds, that keep out rain and moisture. The angle of the slats directs the light. A smooth faceplate sits flush on the fixture and has no openings and offer more light than louvered fixtures.

Horizontal scoop lights offer another faceplate option. A scoop light refers to a type of downlight that features a recessed inlet that shows no visible hardware, which seamlessly blends into any architecture.

What step lights does Eurofase offer?

Eurofase offers two models of step lights, each with color finish options in white, black, and brushed nickel. These dimmable fixtures give off a 3000K warm white light. They have a wet location rating and powder-coated pretreatment, which makes them the perfect solution for LED deck lights or landscape lights. They mount in a standard 2-in x 3-in switch box and include LED drivers.

The Round Louvered Trim LED Step Light features a horizontal louvered design with a 4.75-in diameter and contain three thermally protected 15W downlights.

The Vertical Scoop Trim LED Step Light also offers color options in white, black, and brushed nickel. These subtle accent lights feature a scoop shade.

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