Eurofase LED Pendant Lights

Illuminate your room in style when you use a Eurofase LED pendant light. Eurofase makes pendant lighting fixtures in a wide variety of shapes and styles that add décor to any room. Shop Eurofase at HomElectrical to find the perfect pendant light for your next home improvement project today!

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What is a pendant light?

A pendant light hangs from the ceiling using a chain or rod and work in applications including above entryways, kitchen island, dining rooms, living room, or bathroom vanity. Though they look similar to chandeliers, pendant lights typically feature one light source while chandeliers feature multiple lights branching out. They function as regular ceiling lights but also match the room furniture and add to the décor. Hanging pendant lights can come in many sizes and styles, including open and closed fixtures, and shapes, including round and linear.

What pendant lights does Eurofase offer?

Eurofase offers many unique pendant lamp fixtures with shapes and styles you can’t find anywhere else. Color temperatures include 3000K, 4500K, and 4000K while lumens range from 250 to 3690. With so many choices, we can’t possibly explain them all, but we would like to highlight some styles and models.

Round pendants feature a light bulb inside a round enclosure, which can face down or outwards. The Caledonia round pendant features candy-colored honeycomb glass with chrome trim, and color options include blue, clear, yellow, pink, and orange.

Cage pendants refer to fixtures with a bulb inside a frame. They come in a wide variety of shapes, such as square, round, or even abstract. The Ren outdoor pendant light houses the bulb inside an opal white glass shade, surrounded by a satin black frame. The Bastille outdoor pendant light features an open cage steel frame encasing four bulbs inside hand-blown glass.

A ring pendant light resembles a ring with the light source going around the diameter of the circle rather than emitting from a single bulb. The Pemberton pendant light features a seamless ring of integrated LED that incorporates retro and modern forms to create a unique look. The Mucci pendant light features a minimalistic matte black design.

A linear pendant fixture includes multiple light bulbs lined up in a row or a long LED strip attached to one long base, which often see use in kitchens or dining rooms above the table. The Mucci linear light resembles their ring light, but with a rectangular shape. The Lappin multi light fixture includes four disk lights suspended by faux leather.

Abstract pendant lights don’t conform to any particular shape or design and often feature rare materials and eye-catching designs. The Ferro 5-light pendant features a design with multiple cubes outlined by plated gold or black frames. The Demark oval pendant features two overlapping LED rings with a contemporary design. Color finish choices include black and gold.

Mini pendants feature a smaller size and give off less brightness than typical pendant lights and they typically hang in groups and look best in odd number groups. The Micro 4-inch mini pendant features hand-polished chrome with a polycarbonate Fresnel diffuser.

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