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Light up your indoor and outdoor spaces with Eurofase wall mounts! Eurofase makes a variety of LED flush mount and wall mount lights that decorate and illuminate your space. Shop HomElectrical and find energy efficient lighting solutions from Eurofase today!

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What is the difference between a flush mount and a surface mount light?

Mounting options for wall lighting include flush mount or surface mount. A flush mount light installs flush against the wall, meaning they leave no space between the fixture and the wall. This makes for a perfect option if you want to save space. Surface mounted lights sit on top of the surface of the wall, leaving less space but adding more to the décor.

What wall mount lights does Eurofase offer?

Eurofase offers many series of modern wall lamps that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, mounting options, and materials such as glass and brushed nickel. They range from simple arm lamps to ornate fixtures that resemble chandeliers, and they also come in a variety of wattages, lumens, and dimmability options. You can choose between an indoor or outdoor wall light for spaces ranging from a living room to a front porch. For bathroom vanity lights, some even opt for wall-mount lights on each side of the vanity. Eurofase offers many different light fixture collections that often feature multiple sizes and colors of the same design.

For a simple flush mount, choose a design such as the Annette or Rover. These series offer flush mount fixtures with minimalist designs that save space. The Annette comes in black and silver, while the Rover comes in black, silver, and gold.

More ornate flush mount designs include the Clover and Ferro. The Clover features overlapping circles that resemble flower petals or a butterfly and comes in black and silver, while the Ferro features multiple cubes in dimensional patterns and comes in black and gold.

Eurofase’s wall sconces include collections such as the Crossroads or Coop. These fixtures mount to the surface of the wall, adding to the décor rather than saving space. The Crossroads offers a unique design with minimalist rods of 3W LED lights that crisscross at various points, while the Coop features gold mesh wiring with black trim that encloses a top LED light panel.

Eurofase’s wet location outdoor lighting solutions include the Ren and the Bastille. The Ren features a simple, sophisticated style with opal glass and a black frame. The Bastille features hand blown glass inside an open cage steel frame for a modern outdoor style.

Outdoor wall mounted lights include the Kabo and the Hanson. The Kabo features a clear seedy glass shade and includes two different sizes. The Hanson features clear seeded glass inside a bold black frame, and also includes two different sizes.

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