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Illuminate your spaces in style with a Eurofase chandelier light! Eurofase makes many different styles and sizes of chandeliers to light and decorate your kitchen, dining room, or any other space. Shop HomElectrical for Eurofase chandeliers today!

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What is a chandelier?

A chandelier refers to a ceiling light that contains multiple shades or light sources. Chandeliers most commonly see use over a dining table, but can also see use in a living room, bedrooms, or even bathrooms. Besides providing light, chandeliers add to a room’s interior design and act as a centerpiece to tie the room together.

Chandeliers look similar to another fixture called a pendant light, but differences exist between the two. A pendant light more commonly uses a single bulb, while a chandelier uses multiple branches. Pendant lights utilize a simpler, more minimalistic appearance while chandeliers look more ornate.

What chandelier designs does Eurofase offer?

Chandeliers come in a wide variety of designs and lighting types to accommodate your space. Many series offer the same fixture in multiple sizes and colors, such as black, gold, brushed nickel, or chrome finish. Eurofase chandeliers use an led bulb or linear light to save energy as compared to incandescent bulbs. Many chandeliers pair with a dimmer switch, helping you save even more energy. With such a wide variety, Eurofase certainly has the perfect chandelier for you!

Lighting types:

Uplight: These chandeliers focus the light upwards, which creates ambient light and often sees use with traditional candle chandeliers.

Downlight: Downlight chandeliers direct the light downward and often see use in linear chandeliers. They provide task lighting.

Ambient light: Some chandeliers direct the light outwards or in multiple directions. Rather than providing uplight or task lighting, these fixtures provide general ambient lighting. These often see use in abstract fixtures that send lighting in multiple directions.

Light fixture styles:

Candle chandeliers: Candle chandeliers, also called candelabra chandeliers, consist of a fixture with candle-like extensions. They provide a traditional, elegant look and work well in dining rooms. Some use exposed light bulbs, while others use lampshades over the candles for a more modern look. Most provide uplight, but some fixtures provide downlight. Candle chandeliers come in a variety of shapes, including circular, linear, and tiered.

Linear chandeliers consist of a long, narrow design with multiple lights lined up in a row. Some may have just one long light instead. Linear chandeliers typically use an open style. Their long shape makes them perfect for kitchen islands. They come in a variety of shapes, ranging from abstract to a traditional candle style chandelier. You can find both uplight and downlight fixtures.

Circular chandeliers consist of lights arranged around a ring and may contain candle bulbs or a singular integrated LED beam that goes around the ring. They can have one ring or multiple rings in tiers or layers. They can provide uplight, downlight, or ambient light.

Raindrop chandeliers feature lights hanging downwards, typically at different lengths. They often see use on staircases since the varying lengths of the lights ensure that the staircase receives light from top to bottom. Eurofase sells simplistic modern forms such as the Barletta to unique and ornate styles such as the Lagatto, which features lily pad-inspired metal shades.

Abstract chandeliers don’t take on any particular shape or form, adding a modern, unique design to your space. They can direct light upwards, downwards, outwards, or a combination of directions. Eurofase offers many unique shapes that act just as much an art piece as they do a chandelier. Some of Eurofase’s more unique designs include the Bloomfield, which features delicate, high-gloss metal chains that resemble streams of water, and the Ombra, which casts indirect lighting into circular blades and casts direct lighting downward.

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