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Highlight your space in style with a Eurofase wall sconce. Wall sconces add to the décor in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect wall sconce for your needs today, and you may be eligible for free shipping!

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What is a wall sconce?

Used in both indoor and outdoor settings, a wall sconce, also called a wall light or wall lamps, refers to a light fixture that installs into a junction box on the wall. Users control them with a wall switch. Their many uses may include highlighting architectural features, brightening dark hallways or staircases, or illuminating outdoor patios or decks. They can provide task lighting or accent lighting in a living room or dining room. In a bathroom vanity, wall sconces can install on each side of the mirror to replace a vanity light.

Wall sconces can surface or flush mount. They look best installed at three-quarters the distance between the floor and ceiling. In a bathroom, install them at eye level on either side of the mirror. Spread the sconces out so that you have one sconce every four to five feet.

What types of wall sconces does Eurofase sell?

Wall sconces vary in shape, size, style, and direction of light. Eurofase sells a wide variety to fit all your needs. Additionally, many Eurofase sconces work with dimmer switches. Lighting directions include uplight, downlight, both uplight and downlight, candle sconces, and utility sconces. Some fixtures do not include bulbs, so make sure to check out HomElectrical’s LED bulbs sold separately.

Eurofase uplight sconces include the Daulle and the Pennino. The Daulle features a rounded cage design inside a clear glass shade. The Pennino mixes natural textures and clean shapes to form this farmhouse style fixture. It comes with a T8 LED bulb included.

Eurofase indoor downlight sconces include the Dagmar and the Vasso. The Dagmar features textured ice glass in a two-toned rectangular frame. The Vasso features a solid glass prism with curlicues. This creates a pattern that allows the light to bounce.

For outdoor options, choose the Gibson, the Yasmin, or the Venya. The Gibson features an antique rectangular frame with a dual light system. The Yasmin adds a vintage look inspired from antique oil lamps. The Venya resembles a waterfall with a thick glass panel that provides a modern look.

Some sconces provide both uplight and downlight. Examples from Eurofase include Aerie for indoor lighting and the Annette, Thornhill, and Admiral for outdoor lighting. The Aerie features an array of branches inside a clean-lined rectangular frame. The Annette includes a flat rectangular panel that extrudes from a metal plate. The Thornhill uses a black trim to accentuate white glass LED lights. The Admiral features sophisticated metal work that creates a diffused warm light.

Candle sconces refer to a specific type of uplight that resembles candles with a light bulb instead of a flame. They add a vintage-inspired look to any space. Eurofase’s Daulle series features a cluster of candle-like fixtures inside a round drum.

Utility wall sconces install in a variety of utility applications such as the outside of a building or indoor spaces such as laundry rooms or warehouses. Eurofase utility lights include the 23250, ideal for mounting on the outside of a building. This fixture features architectural bronze with a UV resistant powder coated finish.

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