US Stamp & Sign

US Stamp & sign is a leading brand from the Identity Group manufacturing company, that specializes in identification products, measuring equipment, signage, and more! They also offer a variety of oil gauging tapes that are perfect for accurately measuring the amount of liquid left in an oil tank. Browse through their selection of ADA signs, measuring tapes, and marking tools today!

What is oil gauging tape used for?

Oil gauging tape is a measuring tool that allows you to measure the amount of liquid in a tank. Commonly used in oil refineries, the gauging tape is lowered down into the tank until the bob, or dipstick, touches the bottom. Once lowered, the tape is reeled back up and the line where the tape is wet indicates how much liquid is in the tank. They vary anywhere from 18' to 100' in length and can measure in 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" increments.

What is a plumb bob used for?

Also referred to as a dipstick, a plumb bob is affixed to the end of the oil gauging tape. It works as a measuring line and can be used to indicate a certain level of liquid.
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