Dewalt is the industry-leading manufacturer of professional power tools and hand tools, perfect for carpenters, contractors, and others in the building construction industry. They offer a variety of tools, batteries, chargers, drills, drill bits, grinders, polishing kits, saws, and more.

Dewalt Saws & Saw Blades

Slice through metal and wood with Dewalt Saws and Saw Blades designed for easy transportation.

Dewalt Drill & Drill Bits

Shop for Dewalt Drill and Drill Bits to pierce tough materials with accuracy, backed by the trusted Dewalt name.

Dewalt Tools

Shop for a wide variety of high-quality Dewalt Tools capable of tackling any task at hand.

Dewalt Polishing Kits

When refurbishing or restoring projects use Dewalt Polishing Kits to remove residue and polish surfaces to a mirror sheen.

Dewalt Grinders

For polishing or abrasive cutting choose Dewalt Grinders built with strong, durable materials designed with the consumer in mind.

Dewalt Batteries & Chargers

Work longer when using Dewalt power tools when you purchase Dewalt Batteries and Chargers compatible with their cordless equipment.

What are drill bits used for?

Dewalt drill bits are suitable for drilling holes in hard surfaces, such as metal, concrete, and wood.

What are grinders used for?

Dewalt grinders are hand held power tools that feature a high speed for grinding down hard surfaces, like metal quickly. Grinders can also be used to sand, and polish machinery, plastic, and wood.

What are polishing kits used for?

Dewalt offers a variety of polishing kits for polishing and finishing hard surfaces, such as metal, aluminum, and iron. Turn your cordless drill into a buffer with Dewalt's polishing kits, and give your metal surfaces a shiny, glossy finish.
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