Dewalt Polishing Kits

Dewalt's polishing kits are great for anyone who is planning on doing any refurbishing or restoration. They can help you get rid of any metal residues that seem to be leeching onto your materials and make them look like new. These long lasting discs are a great choice not just because of the results that you will get but also because of their durability. Meaning that these are tools that you can depend on today and in the future as well. Uncover a polishing kit for your application from HomElectrical!

Learn more about Dewalt Polishing Kits!

What is a Dewalt Wire Wheel made of?

  • Made from high tensil, heat treated carbon, or stainless steel wire
  • Internal holding plate reduces knot movement and improves control and brush life
  • Crimped wire for flexibility
  • Long lasting

What is a Dewalt Flap Disc made of?

  • Specifically designed for ginding angles of 20-25 degrees.
  • Swiftly remove material by using an aggressive grinding action
  • Made from Zirconia grit which is three times faster than fiber resin metal sanding discs
  • Packed with premium abrasive cloth
  • Lasts fifteen times longer than fiber resin metal sanding discs

What are Dewalt Metal Thin Cut Off Wheels made out of?

  • Made for fast cutting and long life span
  • Proprietary material mix used to create a longer life span
  • 2 sheets of fiberglass for durability and safety
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