Dewalt Drill & Drill Bits

Pierce through metal and concrete with the accuracy that you want. Dewalt's drills and drill bits will give you an array of options to choose from depending on your needs. Regardless of whether you need to drill in a hard to reach place or just need to have a stronger grip on your power tools. Dewalt's drills are sure to exceed your expectations in every way. Find the the right drills and drill bits for your project at HomElectrical today!

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What are Dewalt Drill made of?

Dewalt has a range of drills from a hammerdrill to a right angle drill that can have up to 3 speed variations. They are made with helical cut steel and have heat treated steel gears in order to give them greater durability and a longer life span. They also have a rubber grip and a 2 finger trigger for greater comfort and control.

What are Dewalt Drill Bits used for?

  • 25% more anchors than regular masonry bits
  • Drill through masonry, concrete, and more
  • 3 flats on shank to avoid slippage
  • Carbide tips will prolong bits life span
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