Dewalt Batteries & Chargers

I hate it when I have to get a similar piece of equipment, to what I'm already using, when I am in the middle of working. However with Dewalt's batteries you are able to use a variety of power tools with the same battery. So no matter where you are in a project you won't have to spend any time wandering around for parts. Browse through our collection of batteries and chargers at HomElectrical.

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What are Dewalt Batteries and Chargers?

  • Dewalts batteries can have up to 40% more run time than a standard NiCAD battery
  • Batteries can work with the same voltage Dewalt power tools
  • Compact batteries are 10% lighter and 15% smaller
Chargers are able to produce a quick charge and have an LED light to indicate:
  • Charging status
  • When to replace battery
  • Battery Temperature

What are Dewalt Batteries and Chargers used for?

Dewalt batteries are used for powering a variety of their own and other power tools. The chargers are used to complete regenerate the power of a battery so that they can be reused.

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