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Linzer Product Corporation aims to be the leader in quality paint applicators including roller covers, roller frames, different types of paint brushes, foam brushes, tray liners, and more. This company has a wide variety of product so you can choose which professional or DIY materials you need to complete your project. With their collection of high quality products, you will be able to find whatever painting related product you desire.

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4-in Paint Roller Cover for 3/8-in Nap, Polyester Fabric, Maize
Master Lock's General use hasps is tamper-proof, hardened steel staple, and steel body perfect for securing doors, lids, and more. Shop more Master Lock tools at!
9" Polyester Fabric Paint Roller Cover
Use the Linzer Paint Roller Cover for your next painting job. Moisture- and solvent-resistant core of roller ensures a great...
$34.91Case of 24
2-1/2" Wooden Chip Brush
For applications such as chips and touch-up jobs, use the Linzer Wooden Chip Brush. 2-1/2" chip brush features White Chinese...
$10.27Case of 12
3" White Chinese Bristle Chip Brush
Linzer Bristle Chip Brushes are sturdy bristled paint brushes that are great for painting thin trimming, varnishes, and for touching...
$12.94Case of 12
1/2" White Chinese Bristle Chip Brush
Linzer Chip Brush has a steel ferrule to hold the white Chinese bristles into place. Features a natural wood handle...
$12.96Case of 36
1" Foam Brush
Linzer Foam Brushes feature a synthetic foam pad for maximum material absorption. The brush is great for painting crafts and...
$14.36Case of 50
Chip Brushes, White Chinese Bristle, Wood Handle
These Chip Brushes are excellent brushes to be used for painting and other projects. They feature white chinese bristles and...
$14.98Case of 24
1" White Chinese Bristle Chip Brush
Linzer Bristle Chip Brushes are perfect for touching up paint jobs with latex paints, varnish, and flat trim. The bristle...
$16.87Case of 36
3" Paint Roller Frame
Linzer Paint Roller Frame is ideal for holding 3" rollers for painting jobs. The roller frame is made of a...
$18.67Case of 12
4" Paint Roller Frame
Linzer Paint Roller Frame is made to hold 4" paint rollers. The frame is made of a 4-wire cage style...
$19.87Case of 12
1.5" White Chinese Bristle Chip Brush
Linzer Bristle chip Brushes have a large, wooden handle that provides a great grip for the user. Chinese bristle chip...
$21.09Case of 36
4" Single Thick Chip Brush
Linzer Bristle Chip Brush has white Chinese bristles and a wooden handle to provide a sturdy and long lasting brush...
$23.04Case of 12
3" Paint Roller Cover 3/8" Nap
Linzer Paint Roller Cover has a moisture- and solvent-resistant core. Roller is made of polyester fabric and has a 3/8"...
$26.02Case of 24
4" White Chinese Bristle Chip Brush
Linzer Bristle Chip Brush can be used to paint a variety of surfaces, including: touching up latex paints, varnish, and...
$26.47Case of 12
9" Paint Roller Frame
Linzer Paint Roller Frame is made for holding 9" paint rollers. The plastic handle is comfortable to hold with a...
$34.70Case of 12
9" Paint Roller Frame
For your next painting job, use the Linzer Paint Roller Frame. 9" Paint Roller is a 4-wire cage style frame...
$43.68Case of 24
1 qt Plastic Tray Liners
Linzer Plastic Tray Liner is great for simplifying paint clean-up. Fits nicely into paint tray and minimizes mess. Sturdy plastic...
$75.65Case of 144
4" Utility Polyester Roller Covers
Linzer Roller Covers have polymer bound cores and are made from polyester fabric. Great for semi-smooth surfaces and can be...
$15.65Case of 12
9-in Paint Roller Cover for 3/8-in Nap, Knit Fabric, Green
Utility quality paint roller cover for general maintenance. Knit fabric covers. Suitable for use with all paint types. Shop HomElectrical for more paint rollers today!
$35.62Case of 24
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