J.W. Harris is a welding supply company from the Harris Products Group, that specializes in a variety of soldering and welding tools & equipment. They offer a variety of chemical compounds and lubricants that are ideal for metalworking. Their surface solutions can be used on stainless steel, chrome, nickel, and more!

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4 oz Stay-Clean Paste Soldering Flux
Ideal for soldering tube joints, the J.W. Harris 4 oz Stay-Clean Paste Soldering Flux is designed primarily for copper to...
1/2 lb Stay-Silv Brazing Flux
Use the all-purpose, low temperature J.W. Harris 1/2 lb Stay-Silv Brazing Flux for silver brazing of most ferrous and nonferrous...
7 oz Stay-Silv Brazing Flux
The J.W. Harris 7 oz Stay-Silv Brazing Flux is a reliable all-purpose, low temperature flux that is ideal for silver...
Stay-Silv White Brazing Flux
Use the J.W. Harris Stay-Silv White Brazing Flux for your next brazing job. This all-purpose, low temperature brazing flux is...
Stay-Silv Black Brazing Flux
For your next brazing job, use the J.W. Harris Stay-Silv Black Brazing Flux. This brazing flux is specially formulated for...
1 lb Can Powder Solar Welding Flux
The J.W. 1 lb Can of Powder Solar Welding Flux is specially formulated to shield the back of weld joints...
.045" Stainless Steel TIG Welding Alloys
For your next welding job, use the reliable J.W. Harris .045" Stainless Steel TIG Welding Alloys. Constructed with .03% maximum...
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