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Coilhose Pneumatics manufactures pneumatic accessories for a wide variety of applications such as: construction, engineering, demolition, and more since 1969. They are most commonly known for their nylon coiled hose, which is a self-storing hose making it easy to use and store. Explore our selection of Coilhose Pneumatics hoses and accessories for your applications today!

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1/4" Industrial Interchange Connectors
Our industrial interchange connector are designed with the ability to eliminate the need for an additional fitting. It is ideal...
1/4" Industrial Interchange Connectors
The sturdy interchange connectors are designed for stationary mounting where a simple one handed push to connect operation is wanted....
1/4" Coilflow Industrial Interchange Couplers
To make quick and easy connection with out sturdy couplers. The industrial series quick couplers fit 1/4" pipes and includes...
1/4" Chrome Plated Chuck Assemblies Dual Extension
Our chuck assembly female connector type is adeal for tire inflation applications. These sturdy extension chuck assemblies have a chrome-plated...
1/41" 600 Series Blow Gun Safety
Our blow guns feature a tough zinc die cast bodies that are made to last in even the harshest environments....
1/4" Coilflow U Series Automatic Universal Couplers
Our automatic universal couplers are durable and made of brass material for maximum strength. These couplers are made to prevent...
Zinc Blow Gun With Rubber Tip
The zinc crome coated blow gun are desinged to last in all types of environment, including harsh winters and summers....
1/4"X12' Nylon Self-Storing Air Hoses
The lightweight, permanently coiled hose is manufactured from flexible, abrasion resistant nylon and designed to withstand temperatures between -60...
Yellow Nylon Self-Storing Air Hoses 1/4"x25'
This lightweight nylon air and water hose is ideal to transport air from overhead piping to pneumatic tools. The pneumatic...
1/4" Aluminum Standard Blow Guns
The robust aluminum made blow gun is ideal for many job applications such as using them on pneumatic grinders and...
1/4" Coilflow ARO Interchange Series Connectors
The vigorous interchange connectors are small and steel made for corrosion and rust resistance. These couplers are designed for stationary...
$43.50Case of 25
Flexcoil Polyurethane Self-Storing Air Hoses
The flexicoil polyurethane air hose is designed to cancel out common limitations such as kinking and abrasion. These flexible coils...
4 lb Heavy Duty Mechanical Tool Balancer
This mechanical tool balancer enables all types of portable tools weighing up to 25 pounds to be suspended within easy...
6" Safety Extension Zinc Blow Gun
These blow guns are made of chrome zinc for durability and strength and offer a variable flow control and liability....
16 oz Air Tool Lubricant
To prolong the life of your air tools, cylinders, and pneumatic accessories, use the Coilhose Pneumatics 16 oz Air Tool...
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