Metered Dispenser

A metered dispenser is a great way to keep your office or home smelling fresh without having to constantly spray an air freshener. HomElectrical has a variety of metered dispensers from many well known brands such as TimeMist, Misty, and Bolt. Shop at HomElectrical for great prices on metered dispensers.

How do I set up an automatic dispenser?

All you need to do is set up a wall mount for the automatic dispenser, plug in your preferred scent canister, set how often you want the unit to spray, and let it go! Make sure to keep an eye out for low battery warnings and the aerosol can running out.

Where should I set up an automatic air freshener?

You can set an air freshener up anywhere, but there are some places you'll want to mask certain smells. Bathrooms, kitchens, baby rooms, and other areas with strong odors are perfect areas to install air fresheners.
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