Urinal & Bowl

Keep that foul odor in the bathroom away by shopping in our urinal & bowl category. At HomElectrical, you can find various scents in urinal screens with and without deodorizer blocks and urinal washroom mats. Get the fresh smell in the bathroom as soon as you walk in the restroom, whether it is for your home or your business. Get the best bang for you buck at HomElectrical in our urinal and bowl category.
Outfit public restrooms with urinal screens for cleanliness and to protect plumbing from debris.
Shop HomElectrical’s collection of odor control products including urinal blocks and toilet bowl blocks to reduce odors and help keep bathrooms clean.
Keep bathrooms sanitary with bowl deodorant and cleaner including products featuring automatic systems which periodically release cleaning solution.
Krystal Deodorant & Restroom

Why should I use Scented urinal and toilet bowl cakes?

These cakes give off a pleasant scent that counteracts the unpleasant scent bathrooms usually acquire over long periods of use. These scent maskers keep you from having to constantly clean your bathroom in order to make it smell good.

What is the difference between a urinal screen and a urinal block?

Urinal screens provide a good scent, and also help keep your urinal pipes free from clogs by catching debris like cigarette butts and stray hair. Urinal blocks provide all of the scent benefit that urinal screens do, while also releasing enzymes into the water that constantly neutralize undesirable scents.
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