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Bottle sprayers and pumps are multipurpose products that can be used for watering plants or applying cleaning products. At, we offer a variety of bottle sprayers, pumps, and triggers that vary in size for your convenience. Browse through our entire bottle sprayers and pumps selection to find the one that is right for your cleaning and watering needs.

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How does a water spray work?

A spray bottle is a tool that can squirt, spray, or mist fluids onto a variety of surfaces. As the pressure inside the bottle increases, the fluid flows through the nozzle. By pumping the trigger, air is forced from the nozzle, forcing the liquid toward the pump mechanism.

How do I open a pump sprayer?

Due to the amount of pressure inside a pump sprayer, in order to open it, you must push the pump handle down and turn it counter clockwise until the lid unscrews. Be sure to do this away from your eyes, to prevent eye injuries from chemical splashes.

How does a hose end sprayer work?

Bottle sprayers and pumps work by pumping the liquid from the container with increased pressure to allow the liquid to pass through the nozzle. They are commonly used for dispensing cleaning or chemical specialties. Bottle sprayers and pumps are excellent for multiple uses, such as watering plants or applying cleaning products to multiple surfaces.
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