Automatic Toilet Flush

HomElectrical offers a full selection of automatic toilet flushers for the cleanliness of the work environment. These systems help to eliminate germ contamination in high occupancy bathroom areas because they reduce the need for contact between the user and the product. Be sure to browse through all of our automatic toilet flushers to find the right flusher to minimize the spread of germs.

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How does an automatic toilet work?

An Automatic Toilet Flusher is a convenient product that helps to promote good hygiene by combating the spread of germs. The sensors on these devices recognize movement so when a person stands up, it automatically flushes the toilet without the user having to push a button or press a handle to trigger the flush. With this convenient system, less germs are dispersed throughout the bathroom area because it limits the contact between the product and the user. At HomElectrical, we offer a full selection of automatic toilet flushers for the cleanliness and convenience of those in high-occupancy areas. Be sure to browse through our automatic toilet flushers, made by high-quality brands such as Rubbermaid, to further eliminate the contamination of germs in your office building or home bathrooms.

Do automatic flush toilets save water?

One of the many benefits to installing an automatic toilet flush is to conserve water, through its motion sensor capabilities.

How does the urinal sensor work?

An infrared sensor will identify when a person stands in front of the toilet or urinal. When they move away from the sensor, it will activate the flushing function.
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