Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is a great way to fight germs. Buy Hand Sanitizer from HomElectrical. We have individually wrapped packets, pump bottles, and hand sanitizer dispensers all in one place at the best price.

What is the active ingredient in hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based antiseptic that is made with ingredients such as ethyl alcohol, providone-iodine, and benzalkonium chloride. We offer packets, pump bottles, and hand sanitizer dispensers at great and affordable prices. We offer liquid hand sanitizer in all sizes, from 12-ounce bottles to five gallon buckets, to fit your needs.

What is the difference between hand soap and hand sanitizer?

Germs are everywhere so always keeping hand sanitizer around can keep your hands clean and germ-free. Flu-season should not be the only reason why you keep hand sanitizer around. Soap and water actually cleans your hands by removing dirt and germs. Hand sanitizers, however, do not remove dirt, but they are equally effective to fighting germs.
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