Paper & Dispenser

HomElectrical provides paper and dispenser products for your home or business. Paper towels and dispensers are available in many styles and sizes for your needs. Shop HomElectrical for a variety of paper and dispenser products.

Shop HomElectrical’s selection of wipes for a variety of uses including all-purpose, automotive, foodservice, personal care and more.
Stock public restrooms with toilet tissues and dispensers to provide the necessary items for key facilities.
Prevent the spread of germs and bacteria by using a toilet seat cover in public restrooms.

Paper Towel Dispenser

Use paper towel dispensers to efficiently store and limit paper usage available to suit a variety of paper towel styles.

Hand Towel & Dispenser

Outfit restrooms or bathrooms with hand towels and dispensers to dry hands or clean messes.

Facial Tissue

Shop HomElectrical’s selection of facial tissue for trusted names like Kleenex, Angel, and Puffs offered at affordable prices.

Why should I have a dispenser for my paper products?

Putting your paper products in a dispenser keeps them from getting contaminated. Leaving paper products out on counters and in other public areas introduces them to a whole additional host of bacteria which can contaminate the things they're used to dry. Dispensers also help to cut down on waste by limiting the number of sheets a person can take at one time.
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