Hand Towel & Dispenser

Stock your home or office with paper towels from HomElectrical. Our selection includes everything from C-fold towels to hardwound towels and paper towel dispensers. Make sure that your public restroom has everything your occupants need to dry their hands with HomElectrical.
Stock tables with singlefold towel suitable for cleaning messy hands at restaurants, dining halls, and outdoor food kiosks.
Use proprietary folded hand towels to dispense one towel at a time to prevent waste and save money.
Stock paper towel dispensers with multifold towels suitable for use to dry hands or clean up messes.

Household Roll

Shop HomElectrical’s household rolls including paper towels perfect for cleaning up spills in the kitchen or around the house.

Hardwound Roll Towel

Shop HomElectrical for hardwound roll towels to prevent overuse and excess waste of paper products.

C-Fold Towel

Shop for C-fold towels from trusted brands like Scott, Georgia Pacific, Kimberly Clark, and Boardwalk.

Centerpull Towel

Encourage less paper towel usage and minimize contact with centerpull towels ideal for restrooms, restaurant kitchens, or construction sites.
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Marcal Paper
Seventh Generation
SCA Tissue

When should I use the different types of hand towels?

Check the dispensing method of the dispenser you plan to use the towels in. For example: c-fold towels will use a different dispenser than a center-pull towel.

Can I recycle my paper towels?

Usually no. Most paper towels today are made from recycled materials already, and recycling them makes the resulting materials weaker than normal. You shouldn't recycle used paper towels because the grease from the food will show up in the resulting recycled materials as greasy spots.
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