Centerpull Towel

HomElectrical supply many different types of centerpull towel. Well known brand are offered such as Georgia Pacific and Kimberly Clark. Keep your stock of center pull paper towel full with HomElectrical's variety of items. Install them in the bathrooms, restaurant kitchen, or construction site. The affordable prices that HomElectrical have will keep your pockets happy while your customers are drying their hands in high quality paper towels.

What kind of dispenser should I use with center-pull towels?

Center-pull paper towels use center-pull towel dispensers. They are designed to encourage one-at-a-time paper towel usage and lower waste.

What are the benefits of using a center-pull towel dispenser?

In addition to encouraging less paper towel usage, center-pull towel dispensers minimize the amount of contact required to get a paper towel. This makes them a cost-effective solution to automated dispensers. They're good for use in hospitals and gas-station bathrooms since they're so quick to pull towels from.
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