Multifold Towel

Our multifold towel category is full of different well known brands at affordable prices such as Kleenex, Scott, and Boardwalk. Our multifold towels are made of high quality materials. Businesses should supply multifold paper towels in the bathroom so your customers can dry their hands after washing them. Make HomElectrical your one stop shop for all your restroom supply needs.

What makes c-fold towels and multi-fold towels different from each other?

C-fold towels form a "C" when unfolded, while multi-fold towels look like a "Z" when unfolded. C-fold towels also do not interlock with each other like multi-fold towels do.

What are the benefits of multi-fold towels?

It's easy to grab multiple multi-fold towels in one go, making them great for hand drying and cleaning up messes.
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