Can Liner

Can liners are necessary for the cleanliness of businesses, residential homes, and public areas. HomElectrical carries a wide variety of trash can liners for every application. Our selection includes drawstring trash bags, high-density trash bags, and low-density trash bags from respected brands such as Glad and Hefty. Browse through our entire selection of can liners to find the one that is well suited for your working environment.
Use HomElectrical’s selection of high-density trash bags to hold large, heavy loads of waste including linen, paper, dirt, and more.
Easily take out the trash with drawstring trash bags from HomElectrical’s selection of can liners.
Use puncture resistant, low-density trash bags for residential and multipurpose applications to carry kitchen trash, construction waste, glass, wood, cardboard, and items with jagged edges.
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What is the difference between high and low density?

Low Density Can Liners

Low density can liners, or trash bags are puncture-resistant, and are best used in residential and general multipurpose places. These trash bags are ideal for kitchen trash, construction waste, glass, wood, cardboard, and other items with sharp or jagged edges.

High Density Can Liners

High density can liners are much thinner than low density trash bags. High-density trash bags can hold hold up to 10-75 gallons of trash. They are great for carrying heavy loads like linens, paper waster, and dirt from public restroom and other public areas. These garbage bags have a higher density than their counterpart because they use less plastic.

What is the best trash bag?

Can liners are a convenient and sanitary way of handling garbage. Whether you need a drawstring trash bag for convenient closure and transportation, a high-density trash bag for paper and lightweight trash, or a low-density trash bag for heavier materials, HomElectrical is sure to have the right can liner for you.

What is a can liner?

Can liners, also known as garbage bags or trash bags are made of raw materials like resin and plastic to hold waste loads from various residential and commercial applications.
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