Feminine Care Product

In every female public bathroom, Feminine Care Products are a necessity. Whether you are in need of some sanitary napkin receptacles, dispensers, tampons, or disposal bags, HomElectrical is a great place to shop for your Feminine Care Products. Supply your entire public bathroom with these affordable care products from our HomElectrical Feminine Care Products.
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Use wax paper liner in waste receptacles in order to keep them clean during feminine product’s disposal.
Use waste receptacles in restrooms to prevent clogged drains due to improper disposal of feminine hygiene products.
Install sanitary napkin dispensers in restrooms to store sanitary napkins and tampons until guests need them.

Sanitary Napkin

Shop for sanitary napkins to stock restrooms with hygiene products to provide necessary items to users.

Napkin Disposal Bag

Purchase leak resistant napkin disposal bags to ensure sanitary products do not create a mess when thrown away.

Floor Waste Receptacle

Choose a floor waste receptacle from HomElectrical to provide a place to dispose of sanitary products in the restroom.
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What is sanitary waste disposal?

All female public restrooms should be equipped with sanitary waste receptacles, in order to prevent clogged drains from improper disposal of feminine hygiene products. Every female public bathroom needs to be stocked up on Feminine Care Products. From tampons and sanitary napkins to dispensers and receptacle liners, these care products are a necessity when it comes to female needs. We carry a variety of Feminine Care Products to ensure that your public bathroom is prepared for everyone's personal needs. Floor receptacles, napkin disposal bags, sanitary napkins and dispensers, tampons, wall receptacles, and wax paper liners to have a fully stocked bathroom for your customers. Choose from our wide array of products to buy these necessary products at affordable prices.
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