Wax Paper Liner

When you have a feminine waste wall receptacle, put a wax paper liner in it to make clean up an easier and more sanitary process. Just simply remove the old paper liner and replace it with a new wax liner. HomElectrical has many different types of wax paper liners to fit your feminine waste receptacle needs.

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Why use a wax paper liner in a feminine waste receptacle?

Wax paper liners can help to make the cleanup process easier and more sanitary. By changing out the waste in your feminine waste receptacle, wax liners will help to seal in some of the bloodborne pathogens and bacteria that may be on the used products themselves.

Does having a wax hygiene liner mean I don't need to clean my feminine waste receptacle?

No! Wax liners only help to protect the inside of the waste receptacle. Be sure to clean the outside of the waste receptacle including the flaps, handle, and lid daily to help keep everything as clean and sanitary as possible.
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