Baby Care

HomElectrical provides a full selection of baby care products like a baby wipes and changing tables to ensure that your baby changing stations are both safe and sanitary, even in high-occupancy areas. Browse through our entire baby care section for high-quality products that will create a clean baby-changing station in your public bathrooms.
Outfit public restrooms with Koala Kare or, Rubbermaid, or World Dryer changing tables to allow babies to have their diapers changed when necessary.
HomElectrical’s baby care products include baby wipes to clean up after babies’ messes and leaving a fresh scent after changing diapers.
World Dryer
Sani Professional
Koala Kare
Royal Paper

What is a baby wipe made of?

A baby wipe, also known as a wet wipe or a moist towelette, is a small moistened piece of paper or cloth that is used for a variety of cleaning purposes. Similar to dryer sheets, most baby wipes are made of non-woven fabric like cotton, silk, polyester, and wool.

What is the size of a changing table?

We carry a number of different baby care products to create the ideal baby-changing station especially for large public bathrooms. A standard changing table has a an average width of about 33" and a length of 22" with a folded depth of 3.75'," and a folded height of 2.25''
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