Baby Wipe

At HomElectrical, we offer a wide selection of baby wipes for all your baby care needs. We carry scented baby wipes that leave a fresh scent after baby-changing, and we also offer scent-free baby wipes for babies with sensitive skin. Whatever baby wipe you may need, we have them competitively priced and available for you at HomElectrical.

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Which baby wipes are the best?

At HomElectrical, we offer a full selection of baby wipes to suit your baby care needs. We carry scented wipes that will leave a fresh odor after baby-changing, as well as scent-free wipes and hypoallergenic wipes for babies that have sensitive skin. Pre-moistened baby wipes are often available for customers to use at a baby-changing station to provide a sanitary environment.

What is a baby wipe made of?

A baby wipe, also known as a wet wipe or a moist towelette, is a small moistened piece of paper or cloth that is used for a variety of cleaning purposes. Similar to dryer sheets, most baby wipes are made of non-woven fabric like cotton, silk, polyester, and wool.

Do baby wipes kill germs?

Baby wipes do contain a small amount of alcohol, which has some antibacterial functions. However, it is not recommended to use baby wipes to clean or sterilize surfaces like changing tables. Baby Wipes do not kill bacteria or prevent viruses from spreading.
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