Laundry Product

Laundry can be a hassle, but HomElectrical takes the effort out of finding the best laundry products at the best prices. Our products are for commercial and residential use and are available in a variety of options. Save time and money by purchasing laundry products from HomElectrical.
HomElectrical carries a variety of detergent available in powdered or liquid form to suit your needs.
Get rid of pesky stains from fabrics and surfaces using stain remover from HomElectrical.
Shop HomElectrical for fabric softener that leaves clothes feeling soft and helps prevent static cling when drying.

Dryer Sheet

Use dryer sheets when doing laundry to prevent static cling and to keep linens soft.

Basket & Accessory

Shop HomElectrical’s baskets and accessories to suit your residential or commercial laundry needs.
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