Stain Remover

Everyone should keep some sort of stain remover on them. HomElectrical has stain removers that you can use in the wash or keep in your car or pocket book for emergency. If you are out having dinner and you spill some sauce on your favorite shirt, that is when you pull out your travel size stain remover. HomElectrical has a very competitive and affordable price in all of our stain remover from well known brands such as Clorox, Shout Wipes, and Clorox for your clothes and carpet.

What is Stain Remover used for?

Stain remover is designed to get rid of stains or marks that were left on a certain surface like a fabric. These are generally made from a solvent or detergent so that stains can be efficiently removed.

What is in Stain Removers that makes it work?

The rule of thumb, when it comes to stain removal, is that "like dissolves like." Butter, for example, is an organic fatty substance that is removed with an organic solvent. If you were to stain your shirt with hydrocarbon, bicycle grease, an organic solvent would not work. You would need a hydrocarbon solvent like gasoline to remove it.

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