Squeegee & Washer

A squeegee and washer is a must for any clean-up job, with its ease of use and efficiency. HomElectrical offers a large collection of bar soaps, liquid soaps, foam soap, powdered soap, and pumice soap, as well as its respectful dispenser. Shop HomElectrical for our selection of squeegee and washer items.
Purchase an extension pole and handle to clean hard-to-reach areas by extending your reach by up to 30 feet with select models.
When cleaning floors, after sweeping and scrubbing, use a floor squeegee to direct excess water to drains to allow for faster drying.
Find the right tool for sparkling clean windows using window squeegees from HomElectrical.


Use a washer squeegee to clean floors or windows of dirt, dust, and debris.

Utility Squeegee

Purchase a utility squeegee featuring dual-sided edges for both cleaning and wiping dry surfaces.

Squeegee & Washer Accessory

Shop for squeegee and washer accessories including handles and adapters to add functionality to your cleaning tools.
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What should I use squeegees and washers for?

Squeegees and washer blades are useful for cleaning solid smooth flat surfaces. Windows, windshields, boats, cars, linoleum floors, tile floors, and polished concrete are all surfaces that squeegees and washers work well for.

How should I store my squeegees?

Make sure to store them in a cool, dark area so the blades don't warp from heat.
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